Our Mission

The College shall serve as a model centre for training highly dedicated, self-disciplined and motivated female teachers who would promote the intellectual abilities of their pupils and inculcate in them an appreciation of Christian and Cultural values.

Our Vision

A leading high quality female institution that provides a distinctive, holistic, and value-based teacher education for effective leadership in 21st century Basic Schools.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) College of Education, Cape Coast; the premier woman’s training College in sub-Saharan Africa.
Our Lady of Apostles College is a Catholic institution infused with the Charisma of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Since 1924, the College has been providing quality and holistic education for student teachers. We ensure that our future teachers receive balanced education to meet their diverse educational, physical, social and spiritual needs.

Over the years the College has trained thousands of female teachers and our products have met with considerable success in their fields of endeavor – as teachers, administrators, counselors, consultants, community leaders, politicians etc. OLA trained teachers stand out as women of substance instilled with discipline and passion for life; Women who are committed to excellence, with focus on service, and have a sense of community and an appreciation of God’s love. You have joined one of the most outstanding Colleges of Education in Ghana. Our Lady of Apostles College is an institution with a tremendous past and a limitless future.

The College is well known for its tradition of excellence. Our major goal is to train efficient and competent female teachers and now with the distant/sandwich programmes ‘men’), who are capable of motivating those they will teach, motivated to continue life-long learning, committed to sound environmental practices; and who having developed positive attitudes, values and morals, will turn out to be effective leaders of outstanding quality.

As a progressive teachers’ College, OLA College of Education offers you an opportunity to pursue your noble career in a climate that is orderly, serene, supportive and academically fulfilling. The extent of your success will depend on your determination, your hard work and your ability to get along with others; as well as your readiness to follow rules and regulations, and being goal oriented.

This handbook is designed to assist you in understanding the vision, mission, guidelines, and policies of Our Lady of Apostles College. Please read it, study it, and maintain it as a useful reference. If you need additional information or clarification of any portion of this booklet, please consult any of the following key people: the Vice Principals, College Counselors, Heads of Departments, Hall Tutors your own Prefect and Student Representatives Council (SRC) etc.

My hope is that your training here will be one of the most rewarding career experiences for you and that this handbook will assist in facilitating increased academic achievement and enhanced personal satisfaction.

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